Technical support

In the petrochemical industry, production continues day and night. Here, the machines run for many hours at a time and, therefore, heavily strain the moving parts. Maintenance is essential to guarantee the reliability and safety of the installation. Tanis Engineering will help you to limit downtime.


Tanis Engineering provides solutions for asset optimisation by:


  • Turnaround and new-build support; procurement, execution and reporting
  • Equipment reliability optimisation
  • Maintenance excellence
  • Operating cost efficiency
  • Asset life extension
  • Concept design and equipment selection
  • Technology development

In need of support?

Adriaan Tanis

Rotation equipment

Annual turnarounds are necessary to ensure that your installations perform optimally and comply with all legal requirements. You can contact Tanis Engineering for any technical assistance during the decommissioning of your machinery. Our expertise is particularly focused on all rotating equipment, such as turbines, pumps, motors and generators. Tanis Engineering will advise you all the way from the preparation to a safe restart. You can also call on the expertise of Tanis Engineering for the safe launch of new-build projects.